When I started my virtual assistant business, I earned less than $25 per week!

Now that our family is on a debt-free journey, Shadley and I are conscious about getting on top of our food budget. Sadly, this is something we have yet to master as a married couple, and our latest solution is for me to shop alone.

This is so that I can take my time and find a good combination of food items that will last until our next shop, and keep us under budget.  I can spend upwards of an hour in our local grocery store shopping for simple ingredients, and this is typically something that Shad does not enjoy – especially when stores are packed! 

As we look for ways to get creative with our money and live within our means, I am often reminded of my first year as a virtual assistant. I earned less than $25 per week! And even so, at the end of each shopping trip, I was happy and able to account for food (including a snack, lol) and other living expenses. 

Knowing that we used to live on $100 – $200 per month gives me a lot of hope and courage for our future. Not only because we’ve increased our income, but because if we could get by then, we can get by now! 

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