What I loved most about our wedding day

I was excited about walking down the aisle. I looked forward to having all eyes on me, and the wedding dress that I picked out to represent such a beautiful occasion. I practically ran down the aisle, cutting the moment short, but still, it is one of my favourite memories and what I love most about our wedding day.

How did this moment outrank our vows, being pronounced husband and wife, and leaving the ceremony for our inner city break? Well, here’s the story.

…guess what, every single person that tells you that it goes by so fast  – is right.

It’s no secret that wedding planning and our wedding day brought up mixed feelings. I didn’t love every second, and I would definitely change my attitude and some of the choices I made before we said ‘I DO’. I was a bundle of emotions wrapped in white cloth that day, and I wish that I enjoyed myself more. Because guess what, every single person that tells you that it goes by so fast  – is right. Still annoying, but bang on the money. I am becoming that annoying person, but if it results in one happier bride – my work is done.

My wedding photos have been such a lifesaver. They let me experience feelings I didn’t allow myself to feel on the day, and through each frame, I’m able to relive the bits I did enjoy without the drama and wedding stress. By going through Tanya’s handiwork, I can pin-point the exact moments when I was in my head, or struggling with my thoughts. But in the scene I am about to show you, I am entirely free and present.

I wasn’t thinking about anything or anyone. My only job was to gather my nerves and put one foot in front of the other. I was getting married – and this was the moment that set it all in motion, like dominoes.

walking down the aisle city wedding

walking down the aisle city wedding 2

walking down the aisle city wedding

This moment helped me to ‘sober’ up mentally because it was the start of the wedding procession. But we also managed to make it special with some forward planning.  This is legitimately the beginning of your wedding ceremony – so you want it to be executed well and to your satisfaction. Better yet, you want it to be a moment you enjoy. I want you to look back and love about your wedding day too.

But who am I kidding, the next best bit about this part of the ceremony is seeing your partner see you for the first time. We’ve all seen the memes about grooms crying and what you’d do if they don’t play the part. I knew that Shad was not going to cry and I didn’t expect him too. Like we always do, we laughed. And it was perfect.

groom on wedding day walking down the aisle

walking down the aisle guests

walking down the aisle wedding city

What did you love most about your wedding day? If you are engaged and planning, what are you looking forward to the most?

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