My first time attending a vision board workshop

vision board workshop

I didn’t have a vision board, but now I do. I celebrated my 27th birthday on 19th November, so my vision board came right on time for MY new year, and THE new year. Ironically, everything I learned at the vision board workshop was tested in the latter part of November, so while I simmer down, I sat down to answer some questions I think you might want the answers too!


I found a great word to describe the vision board workshop, but as luck would have it, I can’t remember it now. It was like being pampered on my wedding day or birthday. I felt very special, and loved, and as if I was the most important person in the room. Sonja was attentive, and gentle, even going so far as offering to change the scents she had burning if they were overwhelming or irritating my allergies. Sonja lives in a beach community, and it was perfectly cool that Saturday morning. Her home is an oasis, and when I wasn’t engaged in the process, I was admiring the nurturing environment she has created for herself and people like you and me.


I created a vision board, of course. I also decided on a word/mantra for 2019 and participated in the meditation/mindfulness exercises that were presented on the day.


Sonja is exceptional at her job. I’m confident that there is no one who can do what she does, the way she does it. You and I can create a vision board at home, but there is no way to replicate the model Sonja has developed as an expert in this field. It is incredible, and it works. You don’t just walk away with a vision board, you walk away with knowledge of self – and that’s invaluable.


Quite a bit, actually. I answered weird, uncomfortable questions, and explored questions that I did not have an answer for right away. I sat in the space and allowed the answers to bubble up and spill over. It was wonderful to talk openly to Sonja, and Roxanne, who was also present at the workshop. I’ll be touching on this in more detail in another blog post.


Creating a vision board is not a destination, it’s a journey. And as much as I would have liked to and planned to ‘complete’ my vision board on the day – it’s not something to be compressed into one day, one time, and one moment. It’s not an event, but a process. Sonja’s workshop guides that process.

In my previous post, you will notice that I wanted to be strategic and methodical about the images, quotes, and words I placed on my board. I imagined that analyzing each one carefully would increase the probability of my goals coming to pass. I learned that while I could be fully present in the moment, I couldn’t ‘control’, ‘force’ or ‘overthink’ my vision board. It ended up taking shape very nicely, without the help of my ego.


Sonja’s vision board workshop is five hours long. It sounds like a lot, but time flies. All the activities were presented perfectly, but I would have loved more time to assemble my vision board. However, there is a reason for everything and I plan to finish the vision board over the holiday season. With that said, I would totally attend a full-day or one-day, one-night rendition of this workshop – a weekend would be fantastic!


It’s a group workshop but the groups are always small. I shared the workshop with a fellow copywriter, which was fun. I’ve seen quite a few of the pics from Sonja’s workshops and attendees have mostly been groups of 2 – 3 people, often family or friends. You don’t have to feel shy or uncomfortable about sharing the space with a stranger, and you are welcome to do a group booking if you want to enjoy the experience with someone you know. Sonja is a big believer in good ol’ positive vibes, and in her own way, she screens all clients who come into her space. So you’re in awesome company.

Is there anything else you would like to know about vision board workshops, or this vision board workshop in particular? Let me know in the comments!

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I don’t have a vision board

vision board workshop in cape town


I don’t have a vision board. *Queues shock, horror, disgust.* You could say I’ve lived life on the wild side! No vision board, bullet journal, essential oil diffuser, manicure, and monstera plant… And while I am probably a disgrace to most work-from-home women with an Instagram account, my vision board-less-ness has guilted me most of all.  A vision board is not essential or indicative of how successful you will be. But it is nice to have when planning, strategizing and believing for the best outcome in your life. And that’s why I’ve given myself the side eye for having a vision board on my to-do list circa 2014.

Why I don’t have a vision board


You’d think that all it took was a few hours of your time and some magazines, but nope. For the occasional crafter (that’s me) – there is a great deal of preparation  procrastination involved. The idea of the cleanup afterward, and getting lazy halfway through. The wondering where to put it since I have barely there office space. I’ve had every intention to create this elusive creature, as indicated by the magazines stacked in my bedroom for months. Only recently destroyed by puppy teeth and a sudden urge to purge – I had all the materials for a vision board clothed with food pics and Mediterranean colours. But what I made up in good intentions, I lacked in action.

Vision Board Workshops


Then I met Sonja McKaiser, the founder of The Creative Space With Sonja. Sonja  facilitates Vision Board Workshops from her studio in Table View (or West Beach if you’re using Google Maps). At first, I didn’t resonate with doing somewhere else, what I could do at home. But now I’m wholeheartedly convinced that Sonja is on to something.

The benefits of a Vision Board Workshop


She takes care of cleanup, provides all supplies and snacks too! But that’s not the only reason why the idea of a Vision Board Workshop is fantastic.  I may not have a vision board now, but I’ve created a vision board in the past. And if memory serves, my vision boards were always filled with relevant, yet random clippings. They resonated with me but didn’t get me closer to my goals. This is where Sonja’s guided workshop is perhaps most useful. She calls the workshop an investment that will help you get clarity on your goals. And for me, that whole bit includes getting enough clarity so as to create a vision board that is clear, inspiring and actionable. I don’t want a life-size Pinterest board.

I attended Sonja’s Vision Board Workshop on Saturday, 3rd November and it was marvelous. I’ve been busy with other things and it was the perfect me-time. It was my birthday month, and I could not think of a better time to get focused for 2019. But first, here’s a look at my year sans vision board.

A year without a Vision Board


Right now, my life looks a little different to the images and words I would have chosen for a vision board at the top of the year. While learning was certainly on my agenda back then, I didn’t think that 2018 would be the year I got back into the classroom. And with my dreams of homemaking and starting off on my own in full swing back in Jan, I didn’t think that I would leave my city life so soon to embrace suburban bliss a little longer. I didn’t plan on having a pet but now I have one of my own and foster her mom and siblings too. And like I hoped, this was a year I could focus wholly on developing my career and seeing to my health and the health of my husband.


Sometimes things work out according to the plan, and sometimes they work out better, or for the better. That has been my lesson this year.

Having a vision board is not the end all or be all, but if you’re curious at all, I’ll be back soon sharing about the process of creating my vision board in an intimate group setting. I also have special plans for my vision board so that it’s not in the way, or in storage, but somewhere I can see it every day. I’ll come with pics!

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