Are you looking for someone special to join your team as a copywriter?

I think of this website as my first interview. It's an opportunity for me to create a good impression and answer the questions you have for me. City life is fast-paced and so is business. Making a hiring mistake is on your list of things not to do and I want to help you with that. So, please be my guest and explore my online space - it is truly a reflection of me, and what I'd love to bring to the table as a member of your team if we are a good fit. I'm Ashleigh Easthorpe, and I write with my eyes closed. It is just as well because I can't really see much without my glasses! If you need wit, charisma and a touch of class, I'm your girl. Let's chat, shall we?

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I am currently partnered with remarkable women in the United States of America, South East Asia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Being a global citizen is important to me because it keeps my writing fresh, and teaches me that we are more alike than we are different.
Of course, I fell in love with travel while on the job. Thanks to the internet, I am quite the globetrotter - and it's all possible from the comfort of my home. My clients give me a taste of some of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and I am a better writer for it.
photograph by nathan dumlao

I marketed myself as a virtual assistant for four years.

Somehow my administrative prowess enhances my storytelling. The understanding of how things work, why they work and what must be done in order to achieve an end goal, that gives my penmanship its backbone. It also means that while I am a good writer, I am also an organizer, a strategic thinker, and a helper. My VA cap is now slanted, but I still use my favourite online software to the benefit of the teams I am part of. Included in my arsenal is WordPress, Canva, Trello, MailChimp, Planoly, and Loom. I am also exploring Shopify and Squarespace. If you desire to be published online, I have the words and digital skills to get the job done beautifully.

I am wife to Shadley, a drummer, and mamma to Nosh, a feisty Terrier mix who reminds me of a rebellious teenager. The inconsolable city girl, I love to live and work where grocery stores are fully stocked and private vehicles are not necessary. Cape Town is our base, but in time we'll be that family who absorbs the cost of living abroad with their four-legged friend.



1. Photograph by Wilma Towell Photography for Hello Boss Community at The Plant Venue Co under the creative direction of The Ashley Knight Company. Makeup by Accentuate Hair & Makeup, T-Shirt by Londonderry & Brook. 2. Photograph by Nathan Dumlao 3. Photograph by Tanya Kinnear Photography