Hey girl, tbh, I don't have a sassy sales page for ya today. 

Yip, no succinct one-pager about how I can help you, be a happier, wealthier version of yourself. 

But hey, like me, you're scrambling, doing the most you can each day, to be somewhere other than where you are right now. 

You're thankful for the lessons your past and present have offered, but you are ready to do the things your future self will thank you for, and you can't wait to experience the life you've designed for yourself in the back of your mind when clearing yet another sinkful of dishes.

Whether you're thinking of starting a virtual assistant business or want to get the hang of telling your story online,  I know how tough it can be when you're on a budget and in the throes of a messy, complicated life.  I know because I've been there, and in my own way, I still am. 

And from this place of courage, and sick and tiredness, and excitement, I want to share my experiences with you, so that we can both get a little closer to our dreams (queues Goapele lyrics).

From my Cape Town home to yours, I am wishing you so much love and great returns as you set about the new year, whether you're ready to roll, or still feeling a little frumpy and all over the place. Send me a note if you'd like to chat about my work - which spans from ops management for a chic Chicago blogger, to writing copy for everybody else's website but my own! 

xo Ashleigh